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Super Wall Fixer

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No matter how well built our houses is, over the years you’ll see little by little damages occurring. Like the wearing off paints, crack on the pipelines and the most common problem, the cracks in the walls. It will take time and money to re-build these damages.
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That’s why we have a SOLUTION for you! The SUPER WALL FIXER is an EASY and MESS-FREE way to KEEP walls look good through the years. 
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SUPER WALL FIXER is WATERPROOF. It comes with a precision brush tip and twist activated paint control to ensure detailed and mess-free painting.
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It also includes lightweight shackling, plastic spreader and sanding block for patching the nail holes and gaps in seconds.
With this wall fixer, you can paint perfectly color-matched touch ups to SCUFF WALLS, baseboard, doors, ceiling, or any painted surface. It ERASES those PESKY SCUFFS, WRITINGS, BUMPS on walls, trims it in seconds and makes any painted surface look good as new.
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Wall Repairing Ointment
Size: About 18x6cm
Material: Wall glue + waterproof resin + carbonate cover