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Tile Grout Coating Marker

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This Tile Grout Coating Marker instantly remove/hides stubborn grout stains easily! Making you spend less time and effort and saves you a lot of money!

Simply paint over the old grout to remove mold and stains, making your old tiles looks brand new again! Help to prevent mold from re-appearing.
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   Restores white tile grout lines quick and easy!
   Without buying tools or repair for higher cost.
Tile Grout Coating Marker   Help prevent mold from re-appearing.
   Makes your old tiles looks new again.
   Ideal for larger grout lines on floors & walls.
Water Grout & Tile Marker Repair Pen
How to Use:
1. Please shake it well before use.
2. Please press the tip down 3 or 4 times.
3. Please do not shake when using, so the pigment spills.
4. Cap the pen firmly after use.
5. Do not burn-even if empty.

This Tile Grout Coating Marker ink formula is water based and covers over stained areas that are caused by everyday mould and dirt build up on grout between tiles. Not only does this product restore the grout’s look it also helps prevent further moulding with its anti-bacterial formulation.