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Glow-in-the-dark Nail Powder

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There is no denying: Glowing nails are stunning! You can now have your own completely different and unique look at night, just dip your nails into the powder or apply it with a brush and party on! 

It’s almost as if stars fell from the sky and landed upon your fingertips.

Activated by UV, LED, and sunlight, this unique glow formula charges during the day and looks like a normal acrylic manicure.

Once the sun sets, watch as your nails begin to glow! Glow In The Dark Nail Powder is ready for application right out of the bottle


  •  Quick-Charge with any light source
  •  Glows for hours on end
  •  Combine multiple colors for awesome looks
  •  Highly concentrated powder, it glows very bright


You can apply this powder to your nail by simply dipping them into it, alternatively you can use a brush to apply it. You can also mix this powder with your favourite nail polish, since this powder is very concentrated. By mixing with nail polish you can control the brightness by using less/ more powder. 

Glow In The Dark Nail Powder

Apply the Glow Pigment Powder to a light color nail polish and ignite your nails with a beautiful, strong glow!

When mixed properly the powder applies smoothly leaving your nails shiny and healthy looking. The color of the nails show nicely during the day, but when it's dark your nails will glow brightly for hours! Expose your nails to light to charge and you're ready to go!

Glow In The Dark Nail Powder


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