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Triangular-overlord Handle Multifunctional Drill

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    This Triangular-overlord Handle Multi functional Drill has a material of Multi-Material Twist Drill Bit which is a high quality cemented carbide. It prevents drill cracking and improve durability. One drill bit replaces two drill bits (glass & tile drill bit and drill bit). It has a pointed design with carbide as a material can easily penetrate the various material. The U type slot design serve as an increased opening speed and easy chip removal.

      Triangular-overlord Handle Multifunctional Drill Bits


      1. The head adopts special technology, high hardness and small incision resistance

      2. Efficient spiral, smooth, smooth, smoother drilling

      3. The design of the triangular handle makes it more fixed on the clip and is not easy to slide.

      4. Widely used in tiles, glass, brick walls, wood, etc.

      5. Can be used for electric hand drills, bench drills, etc.



      State: 100% new

      Material: Carbide

      Tool holder type: triangular handle

      Cooling method: outdoor cold

      Upper blade angle: 45°

      Category: Reaming drill

      Handle diameter: 4.5-9mm

      Chip length: 50mm

      Blade diameter: 6-12mm

      Blade length: 100-120mm

      5 PCS include: 6 mm 2 piece, 8 mm 1 piece , 10 mm 1 piece, 12 mm 1 piece