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Kitchen and Bathroom Mold Remover Gel - Japanese Formula

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This Mold Remover Gel kills all types of mold & mildew instantly! Its an ultra fast acting & powerful concentrated gel formulawhichcan accurately target mold, mildew build-up, & removes them. Also Builds up a protective coating on the applied area to prevent mold formation.

Applies on any surface, such as  kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bathtub, veranda, window frame & more


  • Accurately targets mold & mildew build-up
  • For all mold-related stain - Tiles, Grout, Sealant, Bath, Sinks, Showers
  • No more scrubbing
  • Non-toxic & Odor-free
  • Prevents Further Mold Formation
  • Extra fast acting &  powerful concentrated gel formula can help to remove mold & mildew & prevent them re-growth
  • Easy to use- With a squeezable flip top bottle

  • This is powerful to remove any mold infestation and eliminates bad smell. Removes smut, blight and the discoloration they cause.
    You can apply it on walls, tiles, wood, metal, and even on plastic items.

    How To Use?

    1. Dry the mold place
    2. Completely cover at least 3mm moldy surface like a toothpaste
    3. Wait for 4 hours for the result
    4. Clean the gel away with water 
    5. For those stubborn mold/ mildew, please repeat step 1-4 until complete removal of mold


    • Size :  150g 
    • Shelf life : 3 years