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Self-Heating Magnetic Breathable Massager Socks

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These  Socks can Relieve Gout  Promote blood circulation Naturally, and they are MULTI-FUNCTIONAL!


  • We recommend that you purchase at least three pairs to ensure long-term use and convenient cleaning and replacement.
  • Long-term use of the same product is good for foot health.

These Magnetic Socks releases magnetic waves from nerve endings of the feet that are linked to the entire body, which can ELIMINATE VARIOUS FUNGAL ORGANISMS!!

The high-frequency heating design effectively relieves gout pain.

Through the treatment of the foot can promote blood circulation and enhance immunity.


Stimulates 2800+ reflexology points on your feet. Massages tension points to relieve aches and pain from Plantar FasciitisAchilles TendonitisDiabetic Complications or simply Tired and Stressed FeetThe product applies pressure to various pressure points mapped across the feet, simulating the effect of magnetic waves. 

Improves blood circulation and reduces legs swelling. Restore the perfect leg shape overnight! Positively charge metabolism increase caloric burn while you sleep. Improves Lymphatic Drainage. Drains toxins out of your body. Works best when you wear it overnight.

Self-Heating. Best for cold weather.