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High Pressure Double Sided Shower Head (Water Saving)

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This High Pressure Shower head is premium built with High Quality ABS Material.
Shower head rotates 360° freely and is Double-sided. Multi mode function lets you enjoy a shower the way you like. Shower Head opens for Fragrance Spa or Shower Gel dispersing. Enables a SPA-like-experience while showering!

Adjustable Jet stream function saves water and saves you the bills!


  • The unique double-sided water discharge design overturns the traditional shift gears
  • Adjustable shower area, saving 50% of water.
  • High quality ABS material, good flexibility, acid-proof and durable.
  • Shower head is detachable, putting in shower gel to enjoy your SPA
  • Automatic spraying of shower gel
  • 3 Mode of spraying water: SPA mode, off mode, pressurization mode
  • Two - sided jet stream with pressurized water - saving mode


Use the High pressure Shower Head now and do your part for the environment by saving water.