Long Handle Dish Washing brush

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Tackle tough kitchen cleanup tasks with the KitchenAid Soap Dispensing Sink Brush. Each sink brush is packaged individually. Each brush is constructed of plastic, with Nylon bristles. The brush fits into the palm of your hand and dispenses soap with the push of a button using air displacement. The ergonomic handle with a soft non-slip grip acts as a reservoir for the dish soap. Brush heads are removable and replaceable, so you can always have a fresh brush when you need it.
  • Soap On Demand

Push the non-slip button to release a stream of soap. The silicone valve quickly seals after dispensing to prevent soap from dripping on countertops. 

  • It's Handled

The handle is comfortable and non-slip for fumble-free cleaning and can handle tall glasses, reusable water bottles, stemware and more.

  • Double Duty Brush Head

Durable nylon bristles won’t scratch non-stick cookware and bakeware. The built-in scraper on the back easily removes tough, cooked-on food.

  • Easy to Refill and Replace

Simply unscrew the bottom of the handle to refill soap. When it’s time to replace the brush head, push the tab to eject and slide the new head into place.

With the Dishwashing Brush, nothing stands between you and that sink full of dishes. Gently push the non-slip button to release the right amount of soap for all kinds of scrubbing; the carefully engineered dispenser valve prevents dish soap waste and dripping when not in use. Durable nylon bristles are safe for non-stick cookware, bakeware, wine glasses – even crystal. Tough job? No sweat. The built-in scraper removes baked-on food with ease. It’s easy to refill: just unscrew the cap to add soap, replacing the cap engages the leakproof seal. When it's time for a new brush head, simply push up on the tab to swap it out. Replacement brush, sponge, scrub heads sold separately.