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Hydrogel Crystal Soil

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Hydrogel Crystal Soil is the most recent breakthrough in the plant industry!

Crystal SoilCrystal Soil

Crystal Soil is made of a hydrogel that expands when it gets in contact with water. Once it has absorbed the water it holds it longer than a soil and delivers it straight to the roots. The Crystal Soil is reusable because once they start shrinking or becomes depleted of water, you just simply just add more water!


🌱Nourishment for Plants and Flowers: Hydrated Crystal Soil will replace dirt and water to nourish and extend the life of your flowers and to help your plants grow. They will hydrate up to 200 times their original size. Simple and creative!

🌱Decoration: Use your imagination and create a variety of beautiful decorations indoors or outdoors! Pearls can be placed in a vase, glass, herbarium, candle holder, or wherever else you want. The options are endless!

🌱Non-Toxic: Crystal Soil is non-toxic water absorbing polymer, and when soaked in water, expands up to 200 times its size. It’s completely safe for kids, pets, plants and is 100% biodegradable.

🌱Reusable: Can be re-used up to 12 times after rinsing. Once they start shrinking or become depleted of water, simply add more water.

Not only are they beneficial for you and your plants, but they're also gorgeous and affordable. You will receive 10,000 beads of the color of your choice; mix and match them to the style of your home and enjoy a unique look without the mess of soil.


🌱Water Less Often
🌱No Dirt, No Mess
🌱Delivers Nutrients Directly To The Root
🌱Save Money On Soil
🌱Extend Your Plants Life
🌱Reusable, Just Add Water When They Shrink!

10,000 beads are enough to last you months or even years. It depends on the amount of plants and the size of the pot or vase. It is easy to use as you only have to add water. They take 2-5 hours to expand to their full size once mixed with water. If you notice they're shrinking just add more water, there is no reason to replace them unless damaged or popped. This will save you time and money from purchasing soil while extending the life of your plant.