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Comfy Travel Hanger

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Why suffer from aches and cramping feet while flying to your favorite destination? Use the Comfy Hanger and enjoy a pain-free flight! This is an all-in-one solution for elevating, cradling and resting your feet!

The traveling economy has its challenges, but lower back pain, numb feet & sitting fatigue shouldn’t be one of them. The Comfy Hanger will allow gentle hammock swaying and cradle your lower extremities while alleviating the pain & strain on your upper and lower body during travel.

Testing of the Comfy Hanger shows very minimal disturbance to the passenger in front and with the extra comfort, you wouldn't need to lean your seat back. More room for the person behind!


  • Comfort - Memory Foam Design
  • Full Body Support - Leg and Lower Back Protection To Help Avoid Stiffness, Back Pain, and/or Swelling
  • Customization - Adjustable Lengths For The Perfect Setting (Almost till the Ground)
  • Compact Design - Designed to Save Space When Stored Away In Your Suitcase or Bag
  • Ideal for All Ages - Set up Takes No Longer Than A Minute With The Help Of Your Footrest and Tray Table

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