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Capsule Cutting Tool

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Not only suitable for cutting. With capsule knife, you can scratch, peel off stickers, split pills, open cans and complete other daily tasks.

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These fully-functional mini-knives are perfect for the pocket, key chain, or handbag. With a sleek profile this tool is just as indispensable as your car keys. In fact, it keeps your keys neatly organized and near to hand, but it is a multi-tool that offers so much more. If you are like most people who are looking for utility and convenience in a multi-purpose tool. We combined everything you need for everyday carry in an attractive, streamlined design that won't add to the bulk in your pockets or weigh you down.

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  • Portable: Handy for everyday wear. This compact cutting tool makes it easy to cut, open, scratch, peel and do all your daily work without taking up any pocket space.
  • Anti-Lost Design: Each capsule knife is equipped with a key ring to which you can hang the key so you can find and use it at any time.
  • Versatile: Not just for cutting. And you can peel stickers, share pills, open cans and do other daily tasks.
  •  Material: high quality stainless steel + brass, not easy to rust, durable, long-term use
  • The perfect tool: whether you're going to the office or hiking in the mountains,  capsule knife is a great companion on your journey.

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  • Material: high quality stainless steel + brass
  • Product weight: 20g
  • Features: Mini portable, emergency cutting
  • Color: silver + brass

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