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Thermochromic Baby Feeding Spoon

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We all hate to see our baby cry and hurt, especially if it's our fault. Most of the time, it's when we’re feeding our little ones with hot food because we never knew that it's way too hot for them to eat...until it’s too late. 
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Good thing the Thermochromic Baby Feeding Spoon is here! It helps you give your little ones the extra care they deserve during mealtimes!

No more awful guesses if your baby’s food is still hot or not.

This silicone spoon senses temperature!

The tip turns white when the food is too hot for your baby to eat.

Soft texture and fits perfectly in the mouth of your baby...

  • The tip of this spoon is made from food-grade silicone so it's soft and will never hurt your baby's gentle teeth.
  • The size is specially designed for babies and can fit perfectly in their mouth for comfortable feeding.

It's so soft that it can also be used as a teether for your baby! 

Safe for your baby’s delicate gums and teeth!

The silicone tip spoon is also guaranteed to be BPA-free and non-toxic.

Its handle is gentle yet sturdy enough to stop it from bending.

Your baby can enjoy eating all by himself!

This spoon is perfectly designed to fit your baby’s tiny hands.

Give your baby the special care they deserve every mealtime with the help of this Thermochromic Baby Feeding Spoon! Get yours NOW!


Material: Silicone

Colors: Red & Blue

Length: 14cm

Width: 2.5 - 3cm