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6 in 1 Ab Roller

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Having the perfect tools for your workout can make the routines easier and more effective. Home Exercise Equipment Double-Wheeled Ab Roller l makes sure that you won’t have a tedious workout. It works every major upper body muscle group and your abdomen Strengthens abs, shoulders, arms, back,waist, leg and so on.
Two easy-grip handles. 6-speed power strength resistance pull rope, 40 kinds of fitness action, at home, office, outdoors can be used. Super elastic and strong pull rope.

  • Intense, light and effortless abdominal training!
  • Train with just 5 minutes a day and you will achieve tremendous results!
  • Abdominal muscles, back muscles, arm muscles, shoulder muscles, thigh muscles, and glutes are trained at once!
  • You can choose between 6 different training levels and 44 different exercises
ab roller before and after
  • Material: The tube made of natural latex, thick and bold with high quality, have a heavy resistance.
  • Uses: Multi-functional exercise abdominal roller belly muscle home fitness equipment. Two easy-grip handles 5-speed power strength resistance pull rope, 40 kinds of fitness activities.
  • Great for Physics Workouts: Multi-functional AB Roller Wheel is for an arm workout, strengthen your upper, middle, lower and oblique abdominal. Resistance workout at home, work on the chest, back, arms, shoulders, and abs in one motion
  • Fit For Women and Men, it is a perfect tool to train yourself and lose weight. You can workout at your home, hotel room, office or even outdoors. Shape your body and maintain a healthy body for you
  • Package: Includes Ab Roller Wheel with Bag
  1. The Abdominal Trainer Workout Tool takes advantage of bidirectional power. 
  2. The rubber bands set up an increased resistance while pushing forward and thus achieve a more intense workout. 
  3. When sliding back the built-up tension is released slowly. This returns you easily to your starting position.

Suitable for women and men, shape a perfect body with it. Spending about 10 minutes on exercises every day, Double-Wheeled Ab Roller is a versatile, highly effective and inexpensive way to get in shape. Coming with a user manual with detailed fitness action pictures, easy to use.


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